Happy 2000

Can't believ this. I was going to delet this HP, but this is still alive.
So, how's it going, mates?
Yes, I haven't touch this HP for long time, but I just happened to see
this old sweet HP a little time ago, so now I'm writing this.
Now I'm living and workin' in Tokyo area,
since now I don't have my own pc in my room,
I only use pc at work, like now.
Maybe sometimes I'll show up in ICQ or POWWOW or whatever.
If you guys see me, treat me well pls(^^;.
Things going not bad these days,
I soon go to Israel again to have a relax and to see my friends.
So I never change my policy.
Life is game. Do what U want.

contents is only Japanese, and I didn't add any this time

Jan 26, 2000

Middle East
My life
My friends
Story of a small world


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