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Hi I'm Allan aka.Albaguy
  Welcome to my World
   I live in Scotland near      
Glasgow with my Wife and two sons  I work from home as a Salesman for a Wool & Crafts company so I get to see a lot of our beautifull  country as I travel around it during the course of my work . I love to travel when time(and finances)allow and hope to show you some of the places i have visited  in the past and not bore you in the process . When I get time I like to Fish, watch Motor Sports and enjoy Photography .
This is my Family Margie , Allan & Michael at the front .
We live in a modest terraced house in the suburbs of Glasgow . Margie is a working Mum and the boys go to school near home . Allan is into music and videos while Michael is the sporty one (Soccer ,Rollerbaldes and recently Golf ) They both like computer games but Daddy doesn't allow them to play too much !! .
Alba & Family
This has to be one of the proudest moments of my life getting my complete family home from hospital . Margie was so ill while  having the babies that she had to spend many months in hospital and the boys were both small when they were born that it was such a relief to get them all home safe and sound . I will never forget that day as long as i live even though the boys drive me crazy at times now !! . These nurses all looked after Margie so well and were Good freinds by the time she left .Thank you Ladies .
Leaving hospital with my Family
I thought I'd give you all a laugh and let you see me in my younger days. I even won a prize in a beautiful baby competition with my cute smile !! Don't know where I went wrong since then LOL
Ain't I Cute !!
Look at those legs !!
My Cool Kids
These two Urchins are Allan &Michael my sons .This was taken on the first day of term after the summer break and i don't think they were looking forward to it !!  Allan is the tidy one and Michael is just a natural scruff . I'm sure the dirt just jumps on to him !!
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