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Why the "sequel?" Cuz I was sick of my old page. Weren't you?

What's Different?

Almost everything. The bluegrass stuff hasn't been changed yet. It will be updated tho.. just don't hold your breath. (For the banjo players: just click on the little icon in the upper left. . . the one that says "Bluegrass Stuff." Yeah, that one. Very good.)

What's Dragonrealms?

Contrary to popular opinion, it really is just a game... the most addictive game ever created maybe... okay, it's more than a game, it's.. it's.. Well, see for yourself, and go there.
Click to play Dragonrealms

Where Can I Flame You?

I can be flamed at
I can be complimented there too, of course, or asked a question, or.. whatever. (I do have a bad habit of forgetting to answer e-mail. I admit it. Be persistent, be obnoxious... just don't be patient.)

Can I Flame Your Guest Book?

Definitely. I've decided to try the guestbook thing again, just because I am a very optimistic person. Yeah right. Anyway, here it is.

Post a Message in My Guestbook!

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