Wandering Around


     In Baja we mostly wandered around the coastlines, and so it was perhaps appropriate that some of our philosophies, if it could be said that we really had any, might have come from books about similar travels. Sure, there was some Hemingway, with the obligatory adolescent forays involving gunplay and alcohol, until we grew out of it. But messing about in boats and broken-down vehicles, and rooting about in the lagoons and offshore sand spits? Now, that was pure Steinbeck. If you concentrate you can recall the smells of sea grass and tide pools and formalin and marine biology.
      In his only nonfiction book, The Log from the Sea of Cortez, Steinbeck wrote an introduction about a real-life character named Ed Ricketts, who became Doc in Steinbeck's fiction.  The following excerpt can still be found under magnets on our refrigerators, as a reminder about what really matters:
We must remember three things. 

Number one and first in importance, we must have as much fun as we can with what we have.  

Number two, we must eat as well as we can, because if we don't, we won't have the health and strength to have as much fun as we might.  

 Number three, and third and last in importance, we must keep the house reasonably in order, wash the dishes and such things. But we will not let the last interfere with the other two.  


Sand dunes, Vizcaíno desert


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