The Center of Travelology

The Center of Travelology (TCT) promotes the art of traveling and encourages people to discover new places because
we believe TRAVELING:

  • Is a hands-on and heart-opening experience
  • Is a living school where people can learn about sciences and arts
  • Creates a better understanding of our planet's cultural riches and resources
  • Is a fun and healthy therapy for a stressful lifestyle
  • Is an opportunity to better appreciate nature and the need for conservation
  • Becomes a sacred journey to reconnect with spiritual roots and native traditions
  • Expands our consciousness at all ages and promotes peace and understanding among people of different nations.

We recognize TRAVELING as a dynamic school in which knowledge is accumulated through direct contact with other cultures. It assumes that the more and the better we travel, the deeper we develop an understanding of our planet. This is an experience comparable to earning any conventional college or university degree.
TCT acknowledges with diplomas the different levels of expertise in TRAVELOLOGY.

We invite you to participate in this game, to have fun and remember how many countries you have visited.

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