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The purpose of this site is multi-faceted.

If you are interested in getting Web pages designed, this site is for you. After spending several months designing my own sites, I am ready to throw my expertise in site planning and design, digital artwork & graphic design optimized for Internet retrieval and promotion behind your company or project, for free. Whether you are looking for a one page site or multiple pages, I can build it and I know how to promote your site once its up and running. Also if you are in need of server space, I can help you get server space for your project. Feel free to e-mail me with your project requirements.

Readers who are interested in my column "Webmarks" in the journal "DQWeek" (Chennai Edition) can find the on-line version at this site.

You can also find a comprehensive list of links to India related resources and other interesting links and more .....

I invite comments on the design and content of these pages.

- Prakash B. Hemdev

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