Adventure Sailing

Not your usual 'Club Med' holiday, but definately more satisfying. May not be small boats but the experiences gained and lessons learned are just as appropriate.
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  • Hobie 21 sailed to Antarctica
    Brazilian Roberto Pandiani and Duncan Ross became the first sailors to cross the Drakes Passage aboard an open 21-foot catamaran called "Satellite".
  • Vagabond Expeditions.
    Vagabond is a polar yacht designed to sail in ice. In 2002 - 2003 : Vagabond completed the first arctic circumnavigation, via the North-East, and the North-West Passages.
  • Arved Fuchs Expeditions Web Site:
    J Arved Fuchs, adventurer, sailor and author has been fascinated by polar exploration since his early childhood. Since leaving school he has been carrying out adventurous expeditions of all kinds, in the extreme latitudes of the Arctic / Antarctic and the jungles of Borneo since 1977. Arved Fuchs
  • Argonaute Expedition.
    Join Argonaute III in their voyage around the world,  sailing  the high latitudes and sharing their incredible adventures in a 50ft aluminum center boarder .
    Global Online Adventure Learning Site. Explorers of all ages are invited to join their a growing list of educational adventures with an emphasis on science, technology and nature. The acronym 'GOALS' is intended to inspire readers to establish and strive for goals of their own.
  • Azhar Mansor
    When Malaysian sailor Azhar Mansor reached the resort island of Langkawi on August 11, 1999 after 190 days at sea in his yacht Jalur Gemilang, he became the first Malaysian sailor to solo circumnavigate.
  • South Arís Expedition Web Page.
    A group of experienced Irish sailors and mountaineers attempted to retrace the footsteps of the epic journey made by Ernest Shackleton in 1915.
  • Northanger.
    Northanger, a 16.37 metre steel Damien II design ketch, was built expressly with the desire to access remote regions of the globe for the purpose of mountaineering. Her previous owner, Rick Thomas, sailed her in the style of British mountaineer, sailor and explorer H.W. Tilman; small, compact, self sufficient expeditions to high latitudes.
  • Pelagic HomePage.
    THE sailboat charter for the adventurous sailor. 'Pelagic' is Skip Novak's ( a reknown Whitbread veteran and southern ocean sailor and mountaineer) 50 foot steel sailing vessel engaging in expeditionary charter operations around the Antarctica and Cape Horn region.
  • SEA HomePage.
    An excellent seagoing educational program on board the S/Vs Westward, Corwith Cramer and Seaman. Covers the East Coast, Florida, Pacific and the Caribbean. You will not only learn about marine sciences and sailing, but also learn to appreciate and love the ocean.
  • Mahina Sailing Expedition HomePage.
    Sailing expeditions all over the South Pacific and Antarctica.
  • Koffen af Hanso:
    Join the crew of historical Koffen (built 1923) and cruise the Scandinavian countries and Greece.
  • BT Challenge:
    Chay Blyth's adventure sailing -- Sailing large sailing yatchs in a race around the world or on expeditons to remote places in the far north and south. Sailing adventures for those with much money but not much time.
  • Norfolk Broads Sailing
    For those with a modest budget and still would like to experience the thrill of small boats sailing.You can cruise from pub to pub,or drift around quiet backwaters of the Norfolk Broads - - Britain's most varied attractive and important wetlands.