Chalupa is a 20ft sloop known popularly as a Cal 20.

Cal 20s are fast, fin keeled, all fiberglass, midget ocean racer/family cruiser from the drawing board of naval architect Bill Lapworth and were built by Cal-Boats of Costa Mesa, California. With a high ballast to displacement ratio and a small jib they are well suited for sailing on windy San Francisco Bay and the California coast. They came with a large 8ft, self-bailing cockpit with outboard engine well and a wide level flush deck. Inside there is a two compartment cabin with four berths, small galley and a marine head. The hinged deck-stepped mast offered easy trailability.

Cal 20 often participated in SF Bay and Coastal Races and have won the Midget Ocean Racing Council Championship at least three times.

For those of you who are interested in rigging a Cal 20 for heavy weather racing check out Steve Seals "Rigging Guide For The Cal 20". It also contain a more detailed racing history of the Cal 20 class.

Cal 20

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