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Hi! My name is Mark Baerlocher.

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This is my 4th update (May.3/97). I'm trying to keep out the "flashiness", as this slows the time needed to view, and everyone knows anyone can add the whirling eyeball effect. Currently, I'm a grade 12 student, at Tantramar Regional High School, in Sackville, New Brunswick. Next year, I'm probably going to Mount Allison University, but I guess I'm not really sure yet.

Most of my on-line time, is spent on USENET, and more specifically, on alt.activism.death-penalty, though I've been cutting back lately. One thing I hate on USENET, are the chain letters/pyramid schemes, which I almost tried myself. These are illegal in most places, and are explained here. I've also become addicted to the IRC, on the Undernet, and on Quartterdeck's site, irc.prospero.com.

Some family sites on the WWW you might like, are engrossing (FB), Absorbing (Utopia - AB), and more (Tavistock Gazette) I enjoy searching the WWW for its variety. I've found many interesting sites, for example, EZLN, the site of Discovery Channel Canada or some Monty Python Sound Files

Two other neat little sites I found (actually, T. Morgenthaler pointed me to them), are sites where you can send postcard images as e-mail. There are two sites; Maxracks, and another site (the name I'm not sure of). As many know, I have a dog, Toby, who's favorite rest stop, is Waterfowl Park, Sackville

. One thing about e-mailing I like, is the penpals. There are Newsgroups dedicated to finding Penpals, clubs like Sam's Pen Pal Club or places to find old friends on the Net like the site called LookUp! (to have any chance, the person you are searching must have been on the Internet for at least 1 year without changing e-mail addresses).

Aside from the Internet, I love playing basketball , soccer, tennis, skiing, and now and then, some fishing. As the flag might suggest, I was born in Basel, Switzerland on on July 14th, 1979. I moved to New Brunswick, Canada, when I was about 4.

The company I believe in is Apple. Whether you know it or not, they hold the future. There are many official and unofficial Apple sites. One excellent site, is from the new Mac magazine . To join various mailing lists supporting Macs, go here. Also, if you've invested in them in the Nasdaq, you can chart their inevitableprogress.

Another great site, by MacAddict.

Also, visit the unofficial Apple history site (thanx to Glen Sanford). (Or, the Australian site). Still more...the Macintouch site, and the Mac Resource Page.

Riveting: Goo Me!

The Freak

Her too

A few acquaintances who've latched onto me, on my way about...:

Ergot Psychanosis (twin of Ergot) Jaccass Villieigiience Gicatet Tnih Zancof

(More on the way).

Coming soon:

pics of the soccer team (as soon as I can find a decent pic taken by Frenette)...

Since this is listed as a "Travel" site, here are some travel pics...
Toby Alphorn





Waterfowl Park, Sackville

Toby again

The MIGHTY Titans...

Mt. Saint Michael




Sapelo Island



Seealpsee Cave


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That's all for now... I'm still trying to find a decent GIF site; please mail me if

you know of one.

If you're making a page, a site that might help is Design i/O - Backgrounds, Bars, and Clipart For Web Page Design, sponsored by . Another excellent site which creates and offers free clip art for you to use, is Bill's site Any suggestions can be sent to me here.

I'll be updating this page as frequently as I can.

Anyway, thanx for visiting my page.

Another TeSt.

What I'm probably doing right about now... Anyway, the sun's up now, so I can go!