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This is my first try at this-- Everything here was coded by hand, without the use of any HTML editors! Expect frequent updates and more construction soon!

This page is the index to my travel journals; to date I have traveled cross-country from New Jersey to as far north as Milwaukee, as far south as San Antonio, as far east as Portland, finally to settle in Phoenix, Arizona, all in my car. Now, at first glance, this would seem quite ordinary- a cross- country trip is nothing new!

You seek meaning? ...Then listen to the music, not the song.

--Ambassador Kosh Neranek, Vorlon, 2258

There are two things which make this trek unique:

  1. The Internet
  2. Babylon 5

    Basically, this all started as a wild idea in the fathoms of my mind, and if it wasn't for a very good friend of mine, it never would have snowballed into a 10,000+ mile journey across the length and width of the country!. I built these web pages at each stop of my journey, from wherever I could access them from! Most of the time that meant the home of my current host, but sometimes these web pages have been built from public and university libraries! I hope to turn these pages into a sort of 'virtual novel' which can (and already is) being added on to as the story progresses, wherever my luck takes me!

    Curious? Then read on!