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Scuba City
Welcome To Scuba City

They're have been....many divers here since November 22, 1996


The ScubaJammer is a 5 Star PADI instructor who teaches scuba in Los Angeles County, Ca. U.S.A. Because I am a PADI instructor, there are many references to the PADI program throughout this page and it's links. For the BIO on the ScubaJammer, click HERE.

This page is intended as a reference to those interested in Scuba diving whether they are divers, PADI course directors, or have never even seen the ocean. Hopefully here you can find what you want to know about diving, or at least find out where else to look. I hope you have good time.

I know that this page is far from being finished so in the mean time if for any reason you happen to get here, let me know of any ideas, suggestions, or if you think that any of the information provided here is inaccurate. Thanks a lot, come back soon, and Safe Diving.

E-mail the ScubaJammer here.

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