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E KOMO MAI (Welcome)

Aloha Kakou a me E Komo mai (Hi and Welcome) to my homepage....nice of you to drop in. My name is Noreen but many know me by my Hawaiian name Ke'ala @}-'-,-- with my Rose of course =) which means "The Fragrance" in Hawaiian! I am Hawaiian, Chinese & Palauan (Micronesian). I'm 21 years old and excited about life and trying to live it to it's fullest!!! I've lived in Hawaii all my life and wouldn't want to live anywhere but here. But I would like to do some travelling. One of the places I would like to visit most is the island of Palau located in the Micronesian islands. This is Me when I was much much younger...*Smile*

I'm am currently a student at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. I am presently a Junior majoring in Social Work and minoring in Hawaiian Studies. I would like to go for my Masters in Social Work! *Whew* Wish me luck!!! I am currently working as an Oral History Secretary in the Social Science Division. I would like to get into the Social Work field and work with Hawaiian children in need of help in the islands!

I am also affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was one of the reasons for coming to this fine institute of learning.

This is my favorite painting of Jesus Christ and I just wanted to share that with all of you.
I hope no one was offended by this...It was not intended to be offending...It's just something that is a part of me. For more information...just click on the church name above...! May you all be blessed with Happiness and Love!!! @}-'-,---

SHOUTS out to my craziest friends at BYU-H...Hoku~~~Ariel~~~Marie~~~Renee~~~Bo-Boy~~~my Roomies and many many more...Love yah guys...Thanks for making College Life Hilarous...and for keeping me SANE! *Hugz* College life isn't all FUN & PLAY...But I know it'll be worth it!

You'll usually find me in Hawaii Chat Universe. It is the Coolest place to chat and to meet friendly people. I would like to say Hello to all my friends at HCU=Hawaii Chat Universe! There are so many so bear with me. They are the coolest and friendliest you'll ever meet so don't forget to say Hello when you can. The ChatHouse another Chat place for me as well as ThirtySomething! Come and check it out!!!

Special Thanks to Luckiest Guy in Hawaii, Love Angel & Andrew for a WONDERFUL place to makes you feel right at home...*Great Big Hugz*

I am also a MEMBER of the Hawaii Chataholics Association better known as "HCA". An Association started by fellow Chatters in Honolulu, Hawaii who wanted to MEET other CHATTERS in Real Life...It's Fun and Exciting...For more INFORMATION...Click on the name...!

Here are some pictures of our latest "GET TOGETHER" in "Hooters" at Aloha Towers Market Place on July 8, 1997 compliments of our Vice President...

Morbid Artist! =)


The Posse *L*

Getting Rowdy!!!

Group Pix!

Another Group Pix!

Spagetti Factory was another "GET TOGETHER" we had a couple weeks are some shots from that night...=)

Here's our Group Pix!!!

Well this is only a PEEK of how our "Get Togethers" turn out...Come and see for yourself and Register Today!!! For more pictures go to our HCA homepage...=)

Come and enter my CYBER "FRIENDS" PHOTO GALLERY! that I am working on as my Summer Project!!! Keep a LOOK out for it!!!! @}-'-,---

My "MY FRIENDS PAGE" *S* Click Here A little something about them =)

*Hugs* To my friendz: Candis~~~Dreamguy~~~miji~~~~~~Swoosh~~~Prince Guardian~~~Khylie~~~Ben~~~Killian (My Big Brother)~~~ni'ele (My crazy sistah *S*)~~~BLACK JACK (a.k.a "Keleka" "Kichigai")~~~Waiaka~~~Smooth(M)~~~Rand~~~Conshy~~~Cowman~~~Laura~~~Aloha~~~ BananaBoy (aka Chatter)~~~Micro~~~Leah~~~ Avlot~~~Lois~~~Magneto~~~Alaska Dave~~~Warrior Maiden~~~Saturn (aka EPS)~~~Koa Alii~~~TommyWalker~~~Toy Boy (My HPU Rival)~~~Hip Chick~~~Piko~~~Paul (wet)~~~SpaceCowboy~~~Keoni (wawa)~~~Conshy~~~TigerLily~~~Bug~~~Sher Bear~~~CyberAce~~~KindaShy~~~Shenniele & Villan~~~ WanderCat~~~Leilani~~~ Shanice~~~Soraya~~~Doug~~~JungleBitch~~~Angel~~~Tweety~~~HDS.Sport~~~Confused~~~ s.N.O.w.~~~Rob~~~Sir Blaze & Saphire~~~Roy~~~Kari~~~Maya~~~Nefertiti~~~BlankMan~~~*Moon*~~~MusicLover~~~Cherub~~~ Voo Doo (M)~~~Roamer~~~The Dew Man~~~Paragon~~~Flutterby~~~Glitter Girl~~~Keoki & Lani~~~Romio~~~Jagged Little Pill~~~Mark~~~Sunshine (aka Dream)~~~Grimace (aka Torture me Elmo)~~~Operation Ivy (Rez. Dog)~~~Buffalo Soilder~~~PussYwillow (aka SilverRainbowBolt)~~~DNA~~~Kauaian Girl~~~Pepe~~~Stretch(f)~~~Weezer (aka Eddie)~~~Gem~~~Drew & Debbie~~~Flirt~~~Corum~~~K@huna~~~Luca~~~Rick~~~Ferret (Best Drinks in the House)~~~M.I.K.E~~~Radio~~~Chekhov~~~Aquillus ~~~MadDog~~~Hope(Ful)~~~Arachne (aka Spidergirrrl)~~~Mikl~~~Wish(ful) Thinking~~~Lord & Lady Falconis~~~Bruce Wayne~~~Ice Bear~~~Ro Man Tic~~~Pene~~~Trina~~~Never Soul~~~Tortured Soul~~~Grey Wolf~~~GeniusNightmare@Work~~~Giant~~~Royal Hawaiian Beast~~~Boss~~~Neysa~~~Bacardi~~~a~~~Dove~~~TAnnie~~~Blondie Beck~~~Jasmine~~~KaT~~~COOKIE~~~Snowfeather~~~tom~~~Crystal~~~SHELLI~~~Happy~~~moonchild~~~Legion~~~ WazzuCougar~~~Dakota~~~SeanM~~~Bu Laia~~~DreamGirl~~~Skylar & Moi & Lord of Da Manor~~~Alissa~~~G-Taz~~~IceCap~~~CoolBreeze~~~Brianne~~~jerseygirl~~~ MikeyMike~~~Fire Angel~~~Angie Baby~~~ReN~~~Little Rascal~~~Turtle=Honu~~~Tigger~~~Special Ed (aka Notorious Ed)~~~KennyP~~~Amber~~~Hawaiian Honey~~~Wala Girl~~~Island Babe~~~Talu Boy~~~LonelyGuyWa8ing~~~flower~~~MountainMan~~~Genuine Smiles~~~Sweet Madame Blue~~~Poco~~~EatherBunny~~~Don Juan~~~ToyGirl~~~Nobuya~~~Ladyd~~~Kailee~~~sweetie~~~Norraine~~~Meilani~~~NewOrleansLady~~~TwiceAsSweet (TAS)~~~Annuka~~~Nalani~~~Hoku~~~HotRod~~~DreamWalker~~~Dago~~~Hawaiian Underdog~~~Kailua Boy~~~Kailua Kanaka~~~He'enalu~~~Kyrie~~~mea aloha~~~Kiana~~~KALANI~~~phunny~~~Charlie Baby~~~Charlie's Cousin~~~CALVIN~~~p@tience~~~Becky~~~Peter~~~TallGuy~~~Hawaiian Hula Girl~~~Kolohe Boy~~~Ikaika~~~Haole Boi~~~Brudah B~~~Partially Hydrogenated~~~Morbid Artist~~~nelson~~~AirWalk~~~babytaz~~~Popoki~~~Key-O-Key~~~Lehua~~~Sweet Thang~~~Sweet Chic~~~KIMO~~~Hawaii Girl~~~Jimbabwe~~~Pailaka~~~Kerowyn~~~Simba~~~Seagrams~~~Tess in Aliimanu~~~Smokey~~~Munchkin~~~Bluesy~~~Greddy~~~Cruza~~~Aolani~~~Poot~~~Keith {Keka}~~~Kapa'a Boy~~~Stupid~~~Jake Eide~~~AttaBoy~~~'Awapuhi~~~Kailin~~~Dugman~~~s/t/r/i/p/e/s~~~La Femme Nikkita~~~princess~~~Peanut~~~Geek~~~lemon tree~~~JeZelBel~~~alohaguy~~~E'ala~~~purplerose~~~Brada Gords~~~Potato~~~Pedro~~~Taft~~~Hansome~~~Kathy~~~Skyline~~~Kathy~~~Blue~~~KEH(f)~~~ Ke Koa~~~River~~~jasmine(f)~~~Payson Seeke~~~Cyrino~~~Rody~~~Landmind~~~Panther~~~Davey~~~Chris~~~Alien Sex Fiend~~~Goodix~~~Tiki Hut~~~Surfa~~~Ausmike~~~Bull(35)~~~ and of course I can't forget...daniel...*Smile* Hang in There!!! @}-'-,---

If I missed anyone and I'm sure I did...please forgive me and email me as soon as possible okay...As for those Homepages that don't work anymore...I'll get to it!!! *Smile-4-Me*

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Motto: "Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono."

"The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness."
Attributed to King Kamehameha III on July 31, 1843.

Under Heavy Construction so don't mind the mess!!! Hehehe...This is fun...You should try it!!! Write me if you can...@}-'-,---

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