So you choose to have a look at my collection of winterphotos made during my last holiday... Enjoy the wintery scenery.. and though I had a great time, I wouldn't mind having the summer around again. But hey, take a look at the 4 globetrotters.

Here's a picture that cannot miss, can you guess? YES! It's the Parliament of Budapest, situated on the bank of the "beautiful blue Danube".. Notice the ice-floes...

Here's another famous sight : "Halaszbasztya". Those two happily smiling people in the foreground.. that's me on the right and Oscar on the left. With a beautiful view over the Danube this is a good place for lovers as well..

Oh, how cute.. here we have my best friend Leonie with her whistle. You see, it's a tradition in Hungary to blow such whistles on Silvester.. and of coarse we grab every little excuse to blow a whistle..

Yeeehaaa!! Caught in full action. Me on front, my halfsister Doro on the back, screaming like.. well, I'll leave that up to your imagination. This is how we spent New Years' Day.

Sjoerd leaping into the air

Big Wheel - Vienna