The best place to be is in bed, under my cover, feeling nice warm while outside my cover my room is freezing. These are also the moments my mind likes to wander off to far away places.. warm and exotic places.
Unfortunately I have never been outside of Europe. But I am planning on a trip around the world after a finish my studies (hopefully next summer). And if I won't make it around the world, well.. at least I will go to Australia. I have always had a weakness for this country. Why? Maybe because it's winters are still warmer than the dutch summers..

My fave places I have been to:

Budapest, Hungary
Venice, Italy
London, UK

For all the people who also have an interest in Australia, take a look here where you can find out all about the histories of all Aussie towns. You know, find out where the names come from..and much more!
Or if you'd like to know what the weather 's like in Australia, you can watch a satellite image of the australian weather!!! I just love to stare at it.. it's better than looking at the fog outside. It may take a bit long to load but it's worth waitng

Here's a nice tip for all the people who always wanted to go to Amsterdam but never have been there..or for those who liked Amsterdam so much they'd like to relive everything again: why not make a virtual tour through Amsterdam??

And for those who want to find out about New Zealand..I suggest you check out my boyfriend's links.. he's a total fan so you'll definitely find everything there.
If you are reading this and you have some suggestions for me where I could go..should go. I'm all ears. I'm also in for tips about virtual trips in other towns

So far Anne from Australia told me to visit Lake Victoria.. seems to be beautiful. 1