Let's visit the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, that tiny country nestled between Germany, France and Belgium…
  • Fairy tale kingdom with magnificent, medieval castles towering over quaint villages.
  • World-renown center of commerce and banking.
  • One of the most photogenic cities in Europe.
  • Land of friendly, cordial, multi-lingual natives

Located in the very heart of Europe, Luxembourg is just four hours drive from Paris, three from Frankfurt, five from Amsterdam or Basel. This delightful little country is located on the crossroads of several major highways; so a driving tour of Europe may take you through Luxembourg. (Don't blink or you might miss it.)


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is just 60 kilometers (36 miles) wide east to west and 90 km. (51 miles) long north to south. This small country has a total area of 2586 square km. (999 sq. miles) and a population of about 400,000. Click here for a
Map of Luxembourg.

Vianden Castle

Luxembourg City, capital of the Grand Duchy, is a modern business and banking center as well as a picturesque, thousand-year-old, walled citadel, built atop naturally fortified rock cliffs.
Here is a small Map of Luxembourg City covering the historic old town.

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