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American Sign Language and Deafness-related Links

  ASL ImmersionsASL.gif

Total Immersion Sign Language Program
Four nights in Connecticut:
Feb 13 - Feb 17, 2010
held at the CONNRI conference center in Ashford, CT
The Conn TI flyer is in MS Word format
  TI 2009 Flyer (.doc file) - new flyer not available yet
questions? email ConnTI

 ASL Camp -
Sign Language Specialists

 five nights in Missouri
 June 20-24, 2009
 held at Heartland Retreat Center, Parkville, Mo
 ASL Camp brochure

ASL Total Immersion Sign Language Program
Five nights in Washington State:
Two sessions in July or August
 WSD Outreach Program
no info on 2009 yet
2008: Session 1: July 29-August 3
 2008: Session 2: August 5-10
 held at Washington School for the Deaf - Vancouver, Washington
Immersion Program  2008 Brochure
questions? email TISLP (Total Immersion Sign Language Program)

AZ Total Immersion Sign Language Program
Four nights in Carefree, Arizona:
July 4 - 8, 2009
held at Spirit in the Desert Conference Center
  AZTI website
questions? email AZTI

ASL Silent Week
Six nights in Adirondack Mountains of New York State
at Camp Mark Seven
  Old Forge, NY
 August 16-22, 2009
 questions? email ASL Director

Cool Stuff

If you are learning about Deaf Culture, I highly recommend this book:
TRAIN GO SORRY - Inside a Deaf World
by Leah Hager Cohen
Fingerspelling Fonts for your computer
PC "wallpaper" - background for your desktop
Manual Alphabet
  it's free from Dr Bill Vicars

American Sign Language 

 About ASL 
 Advanced Fingerspelling - check it out!
 Arthur's Communications Adventures
ASL as a Foreign Language - Sherman Wilcox
 ASL Access - 200 videos for pub libraries 
<<very cool >> ASL Browser - signs in quicktime <<very cool >>  
<<cool >>  ASL Classifiers <<cool >>
ASL History Lesson - a "must read" for ASL students
 ASL Mentor - videos and personal "service"
<<very cool >> ASL Resource - dictionaries and quizzes <<very cool >>
 ASL Meetup Group - find a group near YOU!
 ASL on the web - you need a pop-up blocker for this one!
<< cool >>   ASL Pah! An e-zine for ASL students and teachers  << cool >>
<<very cool >>  ASLprodictionary, quizzes  <<very cool >>
ASL Resources - huge dictionary and some quizzes
ASL Stories
  ASLTA - Amer Sign Lang Teachers Assoc
<<very cool>> ASL University <<very cool>>
  ASL video clips - from 
Basic ASL Terms
 Brief History of ASL
Brenda Schick's Homepage  
Camp Mark Seven - has sign language programs
  Cindy's Page: - ASL & Deaf Culture  
 Communicating with Deaf People: A Primer
 The Cridders - Sign Language Performance Art
  Daily Devotions - ASL video clips/Englist text 
 Deaf Cactus News - ASL meetups in Arizona - chatrooms Deaf, hearing and friends
<< check it out >>  Deaf Chat Coffee - find a spot by state << check it out >>
 Deaf Culture - Encarta article
Fingerspeling Concentration - game to practice FS
 Fingerspelling Fonts - free fonts
Fingerspelling Help
 << very very cool >> Fingerspelling Practice Online - Dr Vicars practice page << very very cool >>
FunBrain - sign the alphabet for kids
 HandsOn - NY based curltural events calendar
<< very cool >>  HandSpeak - used to be Sign Lang DictionaryOnline  << very cool >> 
 History of Sign Language
  Learning Aids - videos, computer programs
  Lesson Tutor - online sign language for beginners
"LIVE" ASL Stories & Poetry - quicktime movies
 ListServe for ASL Teachers
National Association of the Deaf
 National Institute on Deafness and Other communication Disorders 
 Needs Outreach - Educational Signs
 OHSOEZ - Deaf community and Interpreter Events
RID - Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
  Signs for US States
 Sign Language Specialists - online training and more
 Sign With Baby - Tucson, AZ
 Start ASL - Free ASL info

Online video clips for those with high speed connections: - search for "ASL" - search for ASL and/or Deaf

check out these clips
 Deaf Chipmunk
 Deaf Jokes
 Deaf Kitchen
 Deaf Newspaper Online - weekly ASL News TV
 Deaf Progressivism
<< very cool >>  DeafVIDEO.TV << very cool >>
 Joey Baer's vlog
 Jared Evans' vlog
 Jason Lamberton's vlog
 Jon Lenois vlog
Seek Geo's VLOG
 Teri Sentelle's vlog

Resources for the Deaf
All You Wanted to Know About Deafness  
American School for the Deaf
American Society for Deaf Children  
AT&T Relay Services
 Camp Mark Seven - camp for deaf kids
 Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf
Captioned Media Program   
  Connecticut Council of Organizatons Serving the Deaf
   Davideo - Deaf comic strip 
 Deaf Biographies - success stories of Deaf adults
Deaf Celebreties & Personalities - chatrooms Deaf, hearing and friends
 Deaf Clubs
<<cool >> Deaf Digest - new edition every Mondy <<cool >>
Deaf Expo
 Deaf/HoH Jokes
Deaf Linx - many www sites
 Deaf Missions
Deaf Nation (Magazine)
  <<cool >> Deafness:   <<cool >>
 DeafNewspaper - online forum
 DeafNYC - NYC  news and events
DeafPlanet - for kids, but very cute
<<cool >> Deaf Resource Library - more www sites <<cool >>  
Deaf Spot 
 Deaf Success - the lifestyle magezine
 Deaf theater Groups
 Deaf Today - daily Deaf news
 DeafWeekly - news
Deaf Zone
Exploring the Ear
Featured Deaf Family
Gallaudet University - Washington, DC
Gallaudet University Press - direct to many publications
 HeartSigns - Internet Ministry
HIP - a magazine for Deaf and hard-of-hearing kids 
<< cool >> History Through Deaf Eyes << cool >>
Info To Go - from the Clerc Center
Internet Resources - RIT
  Laurent... A Town for Signers
 Lifelinks - free tutoring service
Meniere's Disease Information Center
 National Association of the Deaf - loads of info here
National Theater of the Deaf
No Virginia Resource Center
 Odyssey - magazine with articles related to deaf edd issues (free signup)
 OhSoEZ - for interpreters and the Deaf
 Oregon School for the Deaf
 Pen Pals - find a Deaf or Hard of hearing pen pal
PEPNET - Postsecondary Education Programs Network  
Relay Services: AT&T, Sprint
 Rocky Mountain Deaf News
 Sprint Relay Online - telephone via computer
 Sorenson Video Relay - video phone  options (free VRS)
Sound & Fury - debate over cochlear implants 
 TrainGoSorry - graphics intensive
Car Visor Cards - free download (one for HOH, one for Deaf)
 Washington School for the Deaf
 World Around You - magazine for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teens (free signup)

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