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Embraced by Asia

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Quite honestly, this was a fluke. I never planned it and I hope the candidness of the image speaks for its self. This was taken while witnessing pilgrims walk through burning embers as part of a spiritual ceremony on Miyajima Island near Hiroshima, Japan. This ceremnoy takes place every fall on the very popular tourist island. I entered this image in the annual National Geographic Traveler Magazine photo contest last year. Although, all the winners were worthy of the recognition, I had hoped and was quite certain I would receive some recognition for this "decisive moment" image. What do you think ?

dance group


Indonesia is one of my favorite places on earth to work. I feel comfortable there and in tune with the environment. I feel as though I am part of giant play and the dynamic actors are naturally speaking to me and my camera as I move stealthfully through the performance. All the while concealed behind a curtain of anonimity. This is a part of the audience at a dance performance on Lombok Island, which is next to Bali Island.

Borobudor, Java


Java, as are most islands in the archepelego, mystifying. I can't put my finger on it, but I hope I captured it on film. This is Boroburdor Temple complex outside Yogajakarta, Java. I snuck into the complex before the tourists arrrived one early morning.

Scene on Timor Beach


Lazy late afternoon in Kupang, Timor, Indonesia.

Mother and chilkd in Java highlands


Highlands in Java. Dentung Plateau near Yogajakarta. I captured mother and child shopping at the local fruit market. It was noon as you can see by the bright sun in the background and on mother's headwear.

Javanese school girls


Just down the path from mother and child I found these shy school girls on their way home from school. As much as I try to remain inconspicuous, there are benefits to surprise meetings.



In Kupang, there wasn't much to do except sit and watch the play. Unfolding before me were many smaller acts and I was fortunate to witness a few, and now I can share them with you.

Autumn in Japan


Lonely street scene in Timor, Indo.

All images Frank P. Cook(fpc)

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