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Travel tales from India, Nepal, Thailand, Brazil, China, and the US.

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Welcome to 7011 The Tropics

What's this site all about? Why should you stop here for a couple of minutes, or even a bit longer? Read on and find out.

A couple of years ago a friend and I stumbled our way eastward till we came home from the west. From the Arabian Sea of India to the high Himalayas, from the cliffs of Thailand and volcanos of Sumatra to the Great Wall of China and the skyline of Manhattan, and further still to the deltas of the Amazon and the ports of Rio de Janeiro. On the following pages you can experience (virtually that is) some of the highlights and dives of the journey.

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29 photos from around the world. I didn't put them there for their prominent quality, but rather as a supplement to the tales. Go see for yourself !

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