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"Island I see you in the moonlight, Silhouettes of ships in the night, Just make me want that much more; Island I see you in all of my dreams, Maybe someday I'll have the means to reach your distant shores..."
-Jimmy Buffett


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Jimmy Buffett Crab Alley Orioles Ravens Bayside Waterfront Condo for Rent in OC!

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  • BALTIMORE RAVENS - XXXV SuperBowl and 2000 AFC Champions. The 2003 squad is ready to return to dominance after the incredible 1 year re-building process. Look for Kyle Boller and Terrell Suggs to have big impacts on this season.

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  • BALTIMORE ORIOLES- The O's went wire-to-wire in '97 but got knocked out of the playoffs by the Cleveland Indians. They'll have to get some big performances by Armando Benitez this year after the departure of Randy Myers.

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  • Crab Alley - Follow this link to head for the water! Lots of info coming here soon including Chesapeake Bay Boating and the Beaches! Currently this area is undergoing "major construction."

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    One of the most poetic, and musically talented musicians of all time. Jimmy's unique blend of ragea, cajun, country, and rock is commonly associated with the tropically themed, Caribbean Soul apparel that can be found at the Parrot Island Website. Click on the Logo for Carribean-Wear. Also: Read the "edited version" of the article published by the Miami Herald. It's a great piece about Jimmy's musical which opened April 8, 1997 at the Coconut Grove Playhouse in Miami. The article also contains some interesting background info from his early days.

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    One of the finest at work!

    Classic Jimmy Buffett

    GrumnGoose's Chesapeake Area Links

    Sunspot- The Baltimore Sun Online Washington Post Online

    OC Today News-Updated every Friday The Smithsonian- A great guide to the museums.

    Baltimore City Map

    Maps of the DC area
    - Every Map of the Capital Area that you could possibly want.
    BWI Weather Forcast Annapolis Maryland Area Information

    Ocean City, MD
    - A complete Travel Guide
    Annapolis Virtual Tour

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