Welcome to David's Place

Welcome to the page of David, my home on the web. For the next few minutes you will be in my domain, tour my castle and read my thoughts. Please don't be frightened - you can always run from the room screaming if need be.
These pages describe a little about me, my interests, and the way I have lived my life throughout the years.
Whatever the outcome, I hope you enjoy your stay. I certainly enjoyed making this page.

"These are a Few of my Favourite Things..."

Emma - My little girl My little Emma

One of my Favourite Views One of my Favourite Views

My Other Pages

My Friends Page

My Fishy Page

My Boating Page

My Golden Retriever Page

Other Places You Should Have a Look at.

Daneland - The best page that I have ever seen

My Little Hobby

Adam's Page

Some of my favourite restaraunts

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If you feel the inclination, you can Email me here and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Please allow me a little extra time though as I have never really refined my typing skills.