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3rd Nov 1996.


Founded on 2nd October 1992 by 2 Miri HHH hashers, Clog & Frog Van Dijk & Smegma Breath Tucker (now languishing in Brussels). This is Men Only hash. They are also regulars on the MHHH but felt that the mixed hash was all very well for pussies and hence wanted to abuse their manly physiques to the fullest of their abilities.
While the Mad Men were out on their Saturday night binges, the wives and girlfriends were wont to sit sedately or perhaps not so, supping ale and awaiting their love ones in some Miri hostelry or other. After several years of doing this, it occurred to one of them that perhaps they could be doing something along similar lines and in November 1995 at the instigation of Night & Day Bala, the MW2H3 started up. They have averaged some 40+ or so turn-out, and would seem to be prospering.
Miri Mini Hash
It was started in August 1978 by some Miri HHH regulars to spread the word to the new generation. In August 1979, it took off properly and has thrived ever since. Basically anyone can go along, but they should have a little person with them (sharing is allowed).They run with about120 kids plus 40 adults.
Miri HHH, a Drinking Club with a Running Problems
A Drinking Club With A Running Problem
Mixed Hash
Tuesdays and 1st Saturday of every month
Mens Hash
3rd Saturday of every month
Ladies Hash
3rd Saturday of every month
Mini Hash
2nd Saturday of every month
A brief history of the Miri HHH
It was re-established on May 27,1973 (the chapter was started in 1963 but faded out in 1966). It has always been an open and mixed hash. The average turn up for each hash is about 130 runners comprising of a mixture of locals and expatriates.
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This Week Run - 12/10/99
Run # 1704

This week's hash is 600m PAST the Bakam turn-off along the Miri-Bintulu road. Should be straight forward and easy to find.
The on-on will be at Heart Rock Cafe, somewhere at Mosjaya. However, I regret to inform that almost all the tickets have been sold out....BUT you still can come and order your own food.
New Updated
Lots of new Photos from Miri HHH. Last updated 10/12/98.

The Peril
Lastest Miri HHH News and some jokes. Last updated 12/10/99.

Miri HHH receding hareline, run site location, etcs. Last updated 12/10/99.

Hash Sales
Miri HHH T-shirts, Key chain, Badges, Car Stickers, Scarf Beer Cooler, Head bands, Logo & etcs available for sales. Last updated 12/10/99.

Hash Invitation
Pan Asia Hash 1999, Perth
- Date: 26-31 October 1999
- Before 31 May 1999-USD130/A$180

2000 Interhash, Tasmania
- Date: 25-27 February 2000
- Before 31 Dec 1998 - A$225.00

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