Millennium Isle

Attu is located on the tip of the Aleutian chain, in Alaska.  It is the westernmost point of the USA, and being in the Eastern Hemisphere, it could also be considered the easternmost point.

The US Coast Guard maintains a LORAN station on Attu, for marine and aircraft navigation.  The station may someday be closed, since GPS (global positioning satellites) can be used instead. The island is renowned for the variety of birds that can be seen.

The US Navy had a ship called the USS Attu.  It was a Casablanca class Escort Carrier, and was decommissioned in 1945.  The US Coast Guard has an Island-Class Patrol Boat, CGC Attu. There is a freshwater fish, the giant river catfish, with the scientific name of "
Wallago attu", which you’ll often find in aquariums. And, there are at least 2 other geographic locations called "Attu". One is in Finland, and the other's in Greenland.

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