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Mom - 08/22/00 17:21:51
My Email:russandb@hitter.net
Parrothead Since: You and your brother started playing Buffett . How long ago?
Favorite Buffett CD: You remember the one about Let's All Get Drunk? What was that name?
How You Found This Page: It just appeared on my screen.
Interests: Life and my children, grandchildren and my greatgrand daughter. The little beautiful one!!
Where You Live: Homosassa, Fl.
Great page and Guestbook. Love to all. Love, Mom

Billy Peoples - 04/03/00 15:40:57
My URL:http://www.billypeoples.com
My Email:bpeoples@billypeoples.com
Please contact me. Your ring code for the Parrot Head Ring is incorrect and must be corrected or you site will have to be removed from the ring.

Scott D Frickson - 02/12/00 11:34:59
My Email:Renegade3
How You Found This Page: Your my Pal!!
Interests: Flying, Living Large!!
Where You Live: Ancorage Alaska
Jack , My Finace just arived in Alaska. I am a GS12. State Avaition Finance Officer. Life is good my friend. Lot's of opportunities for a man of your caliber here my Friend. I hope all is well your Pal. Scott

mike & bridgett pennington - 01/15/00 18:07:55
My Email:booberryxpress@yahoo.com
Parrothead Since: 1975
Favorite Buffett CD: lost 30 minutes thinking about it-can't choose
How You Found This Page: no brainer
Interests: yes
Where You Live: changes day to day (witness protection)
your new baby is so cute,she looks a lot like your oldest daughter!hope to see you soon all,it would expedite my visit if you could assure me that the golf course isn't covered.

Steve Cousins - 01/03/00 06:12:23
My Email:scousins@tznet.com
Parrothead Since: 1974
How You Found This Page: overseas brats
Where You Live: wisconsin
Thought I,d say hi to a former nhs eagle.NHS from 69-71.Graduated in states in 72.

Bill Adams - 12/14/99 23:06:45
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/adams505
My Email:adams505@hotmail.com
Parrothead Since: 1976
Favorite Buffett CD: hard to nail down
How You Found This Page: PH Webring
Interests: Sailing,music,beaches ,football,ice hockey
Where You Live: Clearwater,Fl
ICQ: 52186359
A very nice family site. As one of the newest members ofthe PH Webring, I invite you to view my site. It's my first attempt at wrining HTML. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed visiying yours.

Cheryl Warren - 12/09/99 07:07:29
My Email:cherriale@webtv.net
Favorite Buffett CD: all
How You Found This Page: sent to me
Where You Live: Florida
Love ya'll,hope to see you soon.

Kris Butts - 10/22/99 17:46:57
My URL:http://www.carol.net/~kbprod
My Email:kbprod@carol.net
Favorite Buffett CD: One Particular Harbour
How You Found This Page: Parrot Head Web Ring
Interests: Buffett
Where You Live: Walhalla, SC
Great Site! GOD Bless!

Patrick Mushrush - 10/05/99 07:39:07
Favorite Buffett CD: A1A
Interests: Buffett concert roadtrips, socializing, bartending, & sunworshipping
Where You Live: Lawrence Ks.(for now)
I want to live in the Caribbean!!!

John - 04/04/99 03:37:03
My Email:parrothead@conk.com
How You Found This Page: ring
Just cruisin' the ring. Nice site.
Come chat with other parrothead pholks at
Click for information!

Craig Phillips - 03/27/99 17:34:30
My Email:flyfish@flinthills.com
Parrothead Since: about 1981
Favorite Buffett CD: Floridays
How You Found This Page: via the Parrothead web ring
Interests: fly fishing (especially saltwater), Bubba's music
Where You Live: Manhattan KS
Cool site! Maybe you've seen me around town in the red Saturn with the PAROTHD plates? If you fly fish, send me an email, we have a club in town!

willie - 03/15/99 22:04:17
My Email:willieswonka@prodigy.net
Parrothead Since: birth,(born during a show)
Favorite Buffett CD: off to see the lizard
How You Found This Page: by chance
Interests: sex,margharitas,kind buds
Where You Live: new haven ct
trust your instincts if you have to leave the newborn home to take the wife to a show two days away, find a babysitter. go back on tour and get on with your life the way jimmy would have wanted.see you in pittsburgh at the star lake.

Scott D Frickson - 01/11/99 17:48:17
My Email:Renegade3@aol.com
How You Found This Page: Jack told me at work
Interests: Flying / Slumlording / writing music /Guitar& Singing
Where You Live: Manhattan Kansas, It's flat here.
Nice page, You have a Beutiful Family. GodBless Yours Truly Scott

Rion Rutledge - 12/23/98 21:44:04
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/sc/parrothead2
My Email:rrutledge@infoave.net
Parrothead Since: 1978
Favorite Buffett CD: You had to be there
How You Found This Page: webring
Interests: daddying, skiing, boating
Where You Live: Rock Hill, S. Carolina
ICQ: newsgroup only

Chris - 12/22/98 18:26:24
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/BourbonStreet/Bayou/3572/
My Email:ccrs714@injersey.com
Parrothead Since: 1990
Favorite Buffett CD: Ballads
How You Found This Page: PHwebring
Where You Live: New Jersey
ICQ: nope
Congrats on your new baby! Nice page

Inger Ströman - 12/11/98 08:05:29
My Email:stroman.inger@stenungsund.se
Favorite Buffett CD: Mozart
Interests: outdoor life
Where You Live: sweden
whath a nice family,your baby is so beatifull. I have five children,three boys and one daughter from korea and one rom india regards inger

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