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Dear visitors! Kindly welcome to these friendly pages! As soon as I became at least remotely aware of myself, I realized one good reason for our existence: to have plenty of fun and good time! (Certain) babes, hiking, climbing, travelling, 2CVs... this is what makes life good. Carpe Diem and all that...

I have recently redesigned these pages a little bit: every family member now has an individual page for introduction.

Mojca! ... Updated in March 2006

She arrived on January 22nd 2002 at 2:04am. Meet Mojca!

Miha! ... Updated in March 2006

Miha is the latest addition to the family. He was born on January 22nd 2004 at 6:09pm. Yes, that is the same date as Mojca two years ago.


The, errr, well, "mom".


Geee... I've just reread what I wrote here - it looks almost like a CV or a job application! Sorry about that...

Eppur Si Muove: this old Duck still flies

It looks funny, it's only got 602 cc and 32 hp... and yet it moves. And quite well, too! Check it out.

The CX Prestige ... Updated in March 2006

And now for something completely different. I don't just drive ducks... If *old* Citroens, CX especially, are your thing, follow this link!

Trusty old wheels ... Updated in March 2006

When these things appeared in 1970, they were really far out. The sleek body unlike anything else at that time, dashboard out of a spacecraft, innovative and efficient mechanicals. Even after 30 years, I feel very few cars in its segment can match the GS.

Picasso ... Added in March 2006

The 1st car that I bought new. We were expecting our 2nd child, so there was a need for a family car with lots of luggage space.

The climbing & hiking pages.

Loads of peaks in Slovenian Alps with plenty of nice pictures. Presented by Brigita.

Cool Places

There's no cure for wanderlust. See my pictures from the USA, Hawaii, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mt. Kenya, etc.

Meggy the Rough Collie

About a very good friend. A whole lot of people like the pictures here. Some of my favourite photos can be found on this page.

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