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Colombo is a wild and whacky place to live. It may not be a Singapore or a New York City but it definitely knows how to party. All the nightclubs, casinos, restaurants, saiyver kadays.. Colombo is definitely a city that never sleeps.

So what to do? "Colombo Nights" should give you some ideas. It should be remembered that this page was written while I was in America. The information is probably outdated (What am I saying? It IS outdated). But, I believe that SOME ideas could be salvaged until I update that too.

The other article is a review by our own in house psychotic, the "Kultur Kolla". Strange things seem to happen to him when he goes out and he has this strange habit of referring to himself in the third person once in a while (says he learned it from Jerry Garcia on his last trip). This latest review is what happened when he saw lights flashing in his eyes (or something like that.. its hard to tell through the Prozac).

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