My site aims to help people who wish to travel to Kosova or travel to Prishtina, the capital of Kosova. There is very little, if any, information about Kosovar tourism or Prishtina tourism on the Internet. A person wishing to visit Kosova for either tourism, business or to participate on a conference will find it very difficult to obtain useful information or advice about travelling to this country. Also, I plan to maintain a number of links to relevant sites, including the top two websites: (1) Visit Kosova Introducing Kosova To You; and (2) Visit Prishtina Wonderful PRN. Additionally, I plan to publish pictures of Kosova. All this is possible thanks to generous support of Giskos, the leading Kosovar company specialising in GIS technology.

Kosovar tourism: Destination Kosova | Discover Kosova | Explore Kosova | Go to Kosova | Visit Kosova.

Prishtina Tourism: Go to Prishtina | Visit Prishtina | Visit Pristina.

Gjakova Tourism: Visit Gjakova.

Peja Tourism: Visit Peja.

Prizren Tourism: Visit Prizren.

Investment Opportunities in Kosova: Invest in Kosova.

Geographic Information System (GIS): GISkos.

See also: The Children and Armed Conflict Unit | The Children's Legal Centre | Little Moon | Give Us A Voice | Ayrum

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