Coming Attractions

On this page you can read about attractions that will be at Walt Disney World in the future. All future shows, rides, resorts, etc will be listed here with as much information as I know about each one. Some may have alot of information, while others may have very little, and I will add more information as I learn it. Also, this information is subject to change.

Which future attraction would you like to learn about?

Mission: Space

Replacing the Horizons ride which closed in early 1999, Mission: Space is set to push the boundary of the theme-park experience when it opens in 2003. Disney has teamed up with Nasa and Compaq to create this attraction in which guests will conquer the thrills of astronauts as they experience a simulated, but very realistic lift-off full of G-forces, and then get to experience the weightlessness of space. The attraction will also be quite educational since it will be home to several interesting exhibits all about space travel.

Disney's Pop Century Resort

Following in the tradition of Disney's All-Star Resorts, Disney has started building yet another value resort. The resort will be themed to American pop-culture over the last century. It will be comprised of an astonishing 5,760 rooms spread out over 20 buildings. Each pair of buildings will feature pop-culture from a different decade, such as a giant jukebox for the 50's and yo-yos for the 60's, along with popular dances and catch-phrases of the time. The resort will be located near Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and The Disney-MGM Studios, and the first phase is set to open in March 2002.

Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama

Construction is under way on this whole new mini-land being built in Dinoland U.S.A. Themed as an expansion to Chester & Hester's dinosaur shop, this area will feature two small rides that, just like Chester & Hester's shop, would feel right at home as part of any road side attraction along any of the USA's dusty old highways. The first ride, Triceratops Spin, is a dumbo-style ride, and the second ride, Primeval Whirl, is a family-style roller coaster with rider-controlled cars that spin, drop and curve around a giant dinosaur skeleton. The first portion of this area is supposed to be opened by the end of 2001.

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