Epcot, once envisioned as a revolutionary city where state of the art technology would solve urban problems, is a truly unique and enchanting theme park that instead makes use of current technology to create a place where guests can learn about themselves and the world around them. While its name (an acronym of Experimental Prototype Community Of Tommorrow left over from when it was going to be a city) may not give too many clues as to the treasures inside, guests will have the chance to learn about everything from the human body to the cultures of Japan, and have an amazing amount of fun while doing so. Epcot is divided into two areas--World Showcase and Future World . In Future World, guests can learn about themselves, the past, the natural world and technology of today and tomorrow. World Showcase is a collection of beautifully-themed pavilions showcasing 11 nations of the world. Inside the pavilions you will find movies, exhibits, rides, live shows, restaurants, shops--anything to show the cultures of the country in an interesting way. You'll learn tons of stuff at Epcot, even if you think you're just having fun.

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Epcot is divided into two different areas:

  • Future World
  • World Showcase
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