A view of the Atlantic ocean, where it meets Brazil at the Ubatuba beach, in São Paulo.

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A point of contact with friends the world over

This is a page in the making.
The idea is to use the web as a point of contact with our friends in Brazil, Europe and the US, and facilitate the access of whoever may need my services as a professional translator, or my wife's, Dawn, as a massage therapist. My daughter Ariana, is also working on her own space - go sign her guest book!

I'm very excited with the launching of a new mailing for the debate of Brazilian news and culture: it is the outros500@onelist.com. We just set up a homepage for the list. Please visit and send your comments!

The reason why this page was placed in TheTropics section is because we came from São Paulo, Brazil, a city that is almost crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn, the southernmost of the tropics. We now live in the US, way north of the Tropic of Cancer, by the Great Lakes, in the Snyder suburb of Buffalo, NY.

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