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Kuala Lumpur,

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Kuala Lumpur -
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Oct 16, 2001

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Updated: Oct 20th, 2007

Greetings from Malaysia

Hello to all visitors to my home page! This is my humble home page which I have had online since 1996.

I am from the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia is a country located in South-east Asia with Thailand being our neighbour on the north and Singapore on the south. The climate, being Equatorial, is hot and humid all year round. Population of Malaysia is approximately 26 million consisting of Malay, Chinese, Indians, and other races in fascinating multi-racial, multi-lingual environment. 


Our family consists of three children (Nora, 4+ years old, Farah Nadira, 8 years old and Alissa Sonia, 10 years old), my wife Navine and I.

Click here to see some photos of my daughter, Farah Nadira

Click here to see some photos of my daughter, Alissa Sonia 

Commentary for the month

Written : Oct 20th, 2007

Hello! As before, it has been quite a while since I updated this page. Just plain lazy, I suppose! Does ANYONE ever read these ramblings? Does anyone CARE?

If you feel like saying hello, do sign my guestbook. Or, send an e-mail to me at the address on the lower right side of this page. If you would like to ask me about Malaysia, drop me a note. I'll see if I can help. 


See me live on my webcam (On Test). View My Webcam
See me live on my webcam (On Test).

Selamat tinggal! (Good bye). 

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