That Mann Murton's Round The World Itenerary

(well as it looked when I left!?!)

Right then, gas is off, milk's cancelled, cats out - I'm off then, I'll see you soon. Yes I'm actually going and here's my good-bye itinerary (like you really want this!?!). No seriously, I'll be trying to keep in touch and write to people but if you want to know the latest, give the folks a bell, they should know (should).

If you feel the urge to send me anything (letters, spare cash, expensive presents, food if I'm in jail - you know the sort of thing) address the stuff as shown below. This will then be held at that main post office for one month so I can pick it up when I get there. Oh, by the way, the example is where I'll be just after my birthday (subtle or what!?!) Here's a tip, if you send stuff to anyone this way, use plain stamps coz that way it's less likely to get stolen.

Mann M P
Poste Restante
Main Post Office
East Africa

As I said, I'll keep in touch. If you fancy a holiday and want to tag along at all feel free. Take care of yourself, enjoy life and I'll see you soon ('ish).


27 November
England (Heathrow) - Egypt (Cairo)

18 January
Egypt (Cairo) - South Africa (Capetown)
[South Africa-Zimbabwe-Zambia-Tanzania-Kenya]

31 March *
Kenya (Nairobi) - Bombay (India)

30 June
Nepal (Kathmandu) - Thailand (Bangkok)
[Thailand- Laos-Vietnam]

? July
Vietnam (Saigon) - Thailand (Bangkok)

7 August
Singapore - Bali

17 August
Bali - Perth
[Australia here I come !!!]

Up to one year in Australia working. You wouldn't believe the bull you have to write to get a one year working visa!?!
[Yeah, they're not keen on old blokes are they mate :-) - Ed]

??? - ???

[home probably via the Americas]

* This date will be moved to around the 18th April

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[ Black - flights, Blue - 'other' ]

Thanks for the GIF, Parp!

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