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Hi everyone, my name is Sandy and I would like to say
I hope you will all feel at home here.
Australia is an island, located in the Southern Hemisphere .
It has many different climatic areas from desert to tropical rainforest ~ from mediterranean to alpine.
Within an easy days drive you can pass through many different climates and landforms.
Australia also has a diverse range of both flora (plants) and fauna (animals),
many of which are ONLY found here in their natural state.
Some of the rarer animals include the Platypus, the Wombat,
the Tasmanian Devil, the Kangaroo and, of course, the Koala.
In the Photo Gallery there will be some photos of the Aussie wildlife as well as scenery. I have even included a basic map showing the States and their capital cities & main towns ..... so you can locate the places mentioned.
Please check out the Links page going to other great Aussie sites showing tours, accommodation, transport and festivals, as well as the Treks page giving some of the best hiking & walking areas in Australia,
C'mon .... lets go walkabout!!!

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