F.W. Green

1947 - 1951

FW GreenOn August 6, 1947, Colonel F. W. Green was appointed president of the Cotton Belt, succeeding to the position held by Daniel Upthegrove, who retired September 15, 1946. The new president had been associated with the road since 1916 when he entered service as assistant to the first vice-president.

In 1917-1918 he was granted leave of absence to serve overseas with the United States Army Engineers. In 1919 he was appointed vice-president of the company. He was appointed operating officer for the trustee in November, 1937, and following the retirement of Upthegrove he became chief executive officer for the trustee, serving in that capacity until termination of the trusteeship, July 24, 1947. He retired on July i, 1951.

Colonel Green was born in Rock Island, Illinois, on April 30, 1877. His first official railroad position was trainmaster for the Great Northern Railroad.

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