Want to be a Railroad Man?

Most Photos taken in the early 1980's

John Mahaffey on Switch Engine, Pine Bluff - 1980It seems natural for youngsters to love to watch trains go by but there are a few who take it a step farther like John D. Mahaffey of Camden, Arkansas. John spent his youth at the old Cotton Belt Depot at Camden watching trains go by and talking to the Clerks, Trainmen and Enginemen and eventually became a sort of mascot around the depot.
John was even given a trip on a rail train and when the train didnt make it back to Camden on time, he was given a ride home in the HighRail by the Roadmaster. John also made several trips to Fordyce on the Cotton Belt where he became acquainted with some of the officers and visited with them in the business car.

John and his daughter at the Cotton Belt MuseumJohn tried several times to hire out with the Cotton Belt and Southern Pacific after he finished school but since the railroad was not hiring he had to wait around until the Union Pacific took over when he was finally hired as a Trainman in early 1998 and now he has seen his life long dream come true.
John D. and daughter Jordan at right -

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