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BSM DerailedDerailed Cars
Blue Streak Merchandise derails at Stephens Ark. on May 14, 1968

BSM Derailed
May 10, 1981, a truck loaded with oil skidded into the lead unit of the BSM, deraling it and 23 cars. the truck driver died. no one on the train was injured. The truck driver had just left a safety class on RR crossings. Cooks Point between Hearne and Giddings
...San Antoinio division

White River 1 White River 2
54 cars dumped in the White River Bottoms, Arkansas
1965, Cost - $2,125,000

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thmb_athmb_b thmb_c
Eight killed at McNeil, Arkansas August 2, 1930. Photos courtesy Gary Miller, MTO, Pine Bluff
Read the story from the Arkansas Gazette

Head-on at Aurich, 1949
Engineer Alexander Killed on #309
MP/SSW meet at Camden Interlocking 1984
Tyler, Texas Derailment, September 1984
Pine Bluff Chemical Train Derailment - 1985
BSM derails at Hutch
The Mother of All Derailments
Near Disaster for Mr McKenzie
Wreck at Birds Point, 1893
Lone Star Passenger Train Derails at Genoa, 1939
Derailment at Ogemaw 03/19/1984

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