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This section should be a great help for all collectors of worldwide cards, here are listed all phonecard-issuing Countries, and all systems used by each Country. Magnetic, chip, remote memory... each system is well explained with several samples of cards.
Here are all the first cards that have been issued in each Country (over 200 now!). By now you can see the very first phonecard issued in the world, far in 1976, by Italian SIP, and several more worldwide first issues, more or less known.
Some special valuable phonecards which don't appear too often are featured here, so you have the possibility to know something about their history.
Here is a section for the benefit of the advanced collector as well as of the beginner: several different themes will have place here, all related to phonecard collecting. Any contribution is welcome, and the most interesting will be published here.
There are several ways to keep in touch with other collectors over the Net... here you can learn what are and how to use newsgroups and mailing lists, powerful ways to swap, buy and sell cards.
This is a starting point for anyone interested in surfing the web visiting the sites related to our hobby...from collectors, to Telecoms, dealers, issuers, and any interesting site. You can add other sites to the list just filling a simple form.
You can easily download some phonecard-related images that I created, and use them for your desktop.

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A free place for all your needs... meet other collectors, place an ad for selling, swapping or asking for phonecards, ask information on collectors, dealers or unknown phonecards, or start any related discussion. You can even launch a poll or enter the live chat-room!
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