A Liturgical Church

It is not found in Scripture, nor in tradition, that Christ ever advocated or implied that His followers should abandon liturgical worship, ritual and offerings, which he was careful to practice. This practice in the church never was questioned, for sixteen hundred years, until the dissenting creators of the so-called "Reformation" were bold to dispute the Spirit-called and -inspired liturgical practices of the Church.

The Divine Liturgy is a sacrifice and worship offered to God for the living and the dead, through which Orthodox Catholic Christians share in the benefits of the bread and wine that are changed by the Holy Spirit into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Most of the several liturgies of the Church of the East throughout the world derive in time from that of St. Thomas the Missionary or that of St. James of Jerusalem, being the oldest continual liturgical worship service in the Christian Church.

An Ecumenical Church

Although many councils were called by various personages (Pope, Emperor, etc.), not all were accepted as ecumenical nor were all recognized by all the Patriarchates. The first four are recognized by the St. Thomas Christians: Nicea I (325); Constantinople I (381); Ephesus (431); and Chalcedon (451).

It Is The Catholic Church

St. Thomas Christians throughout the world are historical representatives-the fruit and continuation-of the ancient Churches of the East where her divine head was born, where he taught, suffered death, experienced resurrection and ascension, and where he founded his Church.

The Church of Christ, as are the St. Thomas Christians, is neither Latin nor Greek; neither Eastern nor Western...but Catholic. This ancient and historic label of the Church is from the Greek and means "Universal"-this is, it has no limitations in time nor place. It is the new dispensation of God through Chirst, given for all people as opposed to the Jewish church of the old dispensation which was limited in its vocation.

The Church of the East is a protector and guardian of the Truths taught by Christ to the Apostles, practiced by them and passed on to their successors in true and unaltered oral and written form. It is a Church of the True Faith.

The Church of the East is also an Apostolic Church because it was founded by the Holy Apostle Thomas with commission of its only head, Jesus Christ. It is a church of the Faith of the Apostles. The Church of the East is a correctly-believing-teaching-practicing and all-embracing Catholic Church of Christ. It is the One, Holy Catholic Church created of God to embrace all people of all times and places. It is thus described in all the ancient Creeds of Christendom:


The Church of the East (St. Thomas Christians) has preserved and offers to all people the clear and unaltered Faith of our Lord God Jesus Christ; the same which he passed on through His Apostles. Lovingly, this Church invites you, your family and friends to learn more of its life and its vocation, which is one of the oldest in all Christendom.

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