About the KreuzWeg Author

June 21st, 1965

    Take a look at that little guy on the right.  Ah, a time when life was simple and my biggest concern was where to find that next meal or when to pull the cat's tail.  That was me, so long ago.  That little tike you see above became me.  These days  I tend to wear a little bit more clothing, but the smile is still there.

    I am an Army officer with varied interests away from work.  I enjoy computers and found myself on the internet long before "dial-up networking" ever appeared in an operating system.  I published my first web site back in 1994.  I have always found the internet to be a great way to share information and ideas with others.

    I enjoy traveling and have been all over North America and Western Europe.  My favorite cities are London, Stockholm, and Salzburg.  I have lived in Europe three different times for a total of nearly ten years.  I often find myself caught between both cultures, wanting the best of both.  Much of the content on my site is devoted to travel and our trips around the world.  I frequently travel and usually add new content to the KreuzWeg site after I return.

    I have a deep interest in history, culture, geography, and languages.  I also spend a fair amount of time researching ethnic Germans in Europe.  Eventually I plan to build a site devoted to this topic.  My original interest in the subject began with the Sudeten Germans of Central Europe.

    Genealogy is another of my interests.  I have a web site devoted to family history.  Feel free to stop in for a visit at Time Traveler