December 28th, 1997

    This was a VERY busy year for both of us. Things seem to have moved very fast. Amazingly, we have already been in Italy for six months! Though it hardly seems as if it's been six months. This move was a very difficult one because most of our things arrived broken or water damaged. I have been away on business several times since we arrived. In fact, I just returned from Maryland. I spent two weeks there.

    Vera and I have been traveling around Italy as often as we can. Rome, Venice, San Marino, and South Tirol, among others, are places we have already visited in the past six months. We even managed a visit to Silesia (Poland) in October. That was a long, but exciting trip. Next year we plan to vacation in Romania (Transylvania), and Southern Africa. We will also take local trips within Italy. Those will include: Florence, Bologna, and Rome.

    Vera and I have had only limited success learning Italian so far. I see Italians so seldom that learning (at my age) is a challenge. Strange, we live in Italy and I seldom see Italians. Life is funny that way. Anyway, we continue striving to learn the language and enjoy our time in Italy.

    We wish everyone a pleasant and prosperous new year. Vera and I hope you enjoy the coming months and have only the best of times. Use the new year to make your dreams come true.

Chris & Vera


p.s. Vera FINALLY has e-mail:

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