Moving Again!

July 1997

    This time we are moving to Italy where Chris will be a commander and Vera will enjoy the south side of the Alps! Vicenza, thirty minutes west of Venice, is our new home for the next few years.

    Chris has finally returned from TDY at Fort Leavenworth and Fort Huachuca.  We are packing everything and getting ready to hit the road.

        Italy is the last place we thought we would be going to. However, Vicenza is a beautiful city in a wonderful location.  South Tirol, the German speaking portion of Italy, is just a short distance away.  So now we will both need to learn another language.  We can't wait!

        The two years we spent here in Ames were wonderful.  We met some really great people and were able to enjoy a little bit of life.  We even saw a few concerts (Rod Stewart, Boston, Hootie and the Blowfish, Bonnie Rait).  Although we had a good time and Chris really enjoyed teaching at Iowa State, we both know it's time to move on.  You seem to get an itch every two or three years, then you know it's time to move out.

        In case you are wondering what our new home will look like, we have included a few photos of Vicenza below:

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