March 31st, 1997

News from Chris & Vera

    Well it's time to move on once again.  Vera & I have been preparing to move back to Germany for nearly nine months.  Hold the phone.... we are actually going to Vicenza, Italy.  We never thought we would ever have the opportunity to be stationed in Italy.  We have visited Vicenza several times as well as nearby (60 km) Venice.  Italy, Germany, either way we are both excited to be returning to Europe.  Vicenza, located in northeastern Italy is at the southern base of the Alps, just 60 kilometers west of Venice.

     I suppose that we need to learn a new language now! Vicenza is also very close to Südtirol, the German speaking region of northern Italy. The province of Trento is 66% German.  Actually they are Austrian Italians.

    Vicenza is a world heritage site with many outstanding cultural attractions as well a great location.  Situated between the Adriatic and the Alps, Vicenza has the best best of both worlds.

    We listed our house for sale this week and have already had several potential buyers visit. Lets hope it sells for a good price.  Things are less encouraging with regard to our master's degrees.  Vera and I have both hit stumbling blocks on our thesis and creative component.  It looks as though we will not finish them until after we leave Ames. Vera is researching military families and their experiences overseas.  Seems appropriate, huh!  I am attempting to identify people who are unable to access the housing subsidy in South Africa because of their circumstances (socio-economic factors).

Well that's all for now. Tschuss!

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