November, 1998

        Ah fall, my favorite time of the year.  Changing leaves, football (American), and sweater weather.  Vera and I just returned from a vacation in Transylvania.  We "roughed it" for a change.   Back packs, trains, private rooms....  We did it all.  I first decided to make the trip nearly ten years ago, however, things never seemed to work out until now.   This trip made us comfortable with using trains to travel on and sleep overnight when necessary.  So now we are planning a trip to Spain and Portugal with trains.   You can read more about the Romania trip as soon as I have the story posted under the Wanderungen and Destinations section of this site.

        Lately, I wonder where the time has gone.   It's already been three months since I returned from Bosnia.  Vera and I spent a week in Germany, then a week in France and Belgium in September.  We stayed in Pfronten, Germany over the Columbus Day weekend.   Vera's parents drove down and met us at the hotel.  The four of us visited Innsbruck and did a little shopping and sightseeing.  Helga (Vera's mom) really enjoyed visiting St. James Cathedral.  I have seen hundreds of churches throughout Europe and I am still inspired by the interior of St. James.  The interior is incredible.  Vera and I returned home and left for the 10 day trip to Romania a day later.

        Aside from the trips, I have been busy at work getting things in order.  A great deal changed while I was away.  Nearly everyone has departed.  There are only three people left from when I arrived just last year.  Its is a never ending cycle in the Army.  Change occurs whether we want it or not.  It is the only constant.   

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