London, Ontario, Canada

Marjorie and DB's Corner

We are Canadian Seniors residing in London, Ontario. We chose this area because of the location and the weather. It is considerably warmer and has a shorter winter period than most of Ontario. We can normally expect cool to cold weather from November through March , then spring usually sets in. The summers are very nice with temperatures ranging from the 60's up to the high 90's at times. London's location is also ideal, as it is only a two hour drive to places like Detroit, Michigan, Niagara Falls and Toronto with the Canadian National Tower and it's Maple Leaf hockey team, the Blue Jays of baseball, the basketball Raptors, the CFL's Argonaughts and of course the Crown Jewel of Stadiums, the Skydome.
Even with it's cold environment London is still Paradise to us........

In the past we did have a home in Spanish Wells, Bahamas, which was truly an Island Paradise in all respects. The temperatures normally ranged from 60 degrees through 90 degrees most of the year. The Island has a population of 1400 to 1500. The main industry is fishing ( mainly crawfish ). The homes are mostly painted pastel colors which seems to add to the Tropical Island image.

For the last five or six years Marjorie and I have been going to a Boys and Girls Camp up near Eganville, Ontario. It is called Camp Minwassin. We usually donate our time from end June until September and during this time I am the Tuckmaster and run the Tuck Shop (store) a great way to spend the summer and a great way to help the kids.

We hope that you have enjoyed your visit to Marjorie and DB's Corner and that you too will get to live in your own personal Paradise. Albeit a Tropical Island or anywhere else you choose in this big wonderful World of ours........ Please, come visit again soon.

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