Thank you for stopping by my mandala art page. I hope you will enjoy browsing the images I am putting up here. I make these digitized mandala art pieces for myself...basically using them as healing tools. While working with mandalas, I can determine what is really going on inside of myself. When I design them for others, I try to get an idea of the person's favorite things as well as any adverse situations which may be occurring in their life. I also try to find out if there are any areas of their life they wish to change for the better. The graphic is then designed in accordance with those things, and designed in such a way to affect peace and healing for them when they look at the image.

All of the image compilations on this site are copyrighted by me and may not be reproduced anywhere else without permission. The actual images in the art were made by many other artists on the net. All images are made using Paint Shop Pro Tubes.

Now, onto the art! Just click on the links below and each design will open in a new window. More designs will be added as time allows. Drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think of my art. Thanks for visiting!

You might also wish to visit Petals of Life Publishing to check out the businesses I own and the work I do. You might even perhaps be kind enough to purchase a copy of One Love, An Unbelieveable Journey which is my first "healing fiction" novel. I am also creator of the A Good Life Course and have recently begun the planning stages for an entire booklet/course section at Petals of Life. I am founder of The Penny Project, a non-profit operation designed to touch others' lives and bring prosperity to those I contact through the project.

Love & Blessings,

~Jai~ aka Michele Janine Johnson, Author, Publisher, Artist, Instructor & Intuitive Healer

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