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This is the home page for EhrTech and EhrMail of Denver, Colorado, and their sole proprietor, Mark Ehr.

About EhrTech
EhrTech is a consulting firm that provides services to businesses in the areas of website design, high-tech marketing and branding, network design (including wireless security and deployment), PC desktop support, and training in any of the above topics. While I am a "one man band," I do have a network of highly skilled professionals that I draw upon to complete larger, more challenging projects.

EhrTech is a side business for me; during the day I work as the director of product marketing for Proxima Technology.

About Me

II am really just a reformed techie (read "geek"). In my nearly 25 years in the high technology industry, I have transitioned from PC hardware repair to software engineer to support engineer to sales engineer to technical consultant to CTO to industry analyst to product marketing.

In my "real life" I am married to a lovely wife, a school-age daughter, two golden retrievers and a house in the 'burbs.

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