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This is the home page of the Megga Duo. We met on the internet for the first time in October 96. We spent many long nights talking in a chat room at Wbs and via some chat programs such as ICQ, Freetel and Pow Wow where we could be alone. Oh and let us not forget the telephone (man what bills we had). We met face to face for the first time in February 97, and in October 97 Megga Man moved from the US to Sweden to live with Megga Woman. This page is where we started expressing our love for each other long before we were living together, it was our home while we had no mutual home. Now that we live together we have added new pages but the old pages are still in the original state, as a fond and dear memory for us.

Please feel free to share some of our happy moments with us.

Megga Womans Present to Megga Man !
Megga Mans Present to Megga Woman !
The Meeting !
The Marriage !
The Guest Book !

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