Why I recommend a vote for George W. Bush

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Bush was not my top pick from the Republican primaries, but I will be voting for him for President in 2000. In a nutshell, I am a conservative, Bush is a conservative, and Gore is a liberal.

The problem with the Gore platform is that of shallow analysis. If you look below the surface, you can see that his ideas in general do not work. Let's look at a few:

The Environment

One gambit right out of the liberal playbook is to create a crisis for which you must elect Gore to save you from. We saw this play in 1992 with the Health Care "crisis." Now we have the global warming "crisis." First, there is no global warming crisis. Second, even if there were, there is nothing that the president could do about it.

Dr. Singer, the man who discovered the hole in the ozone layer, has the best data on global temperatures. He has the satellite data from the last 40 years. This data indicates that global warming is tapering off, barely detectable in the last 20 years. The most likely cause of changes in the earths average temperature: natural cyclic variations in the output of the sun. This of course throws ice water on the global warming "crisis" that Gore needs to get elected. Al Gore's response to Dr. Singer: we can't stop and study the facts, we have to have action now.

Gore's "solution" to the global warming problem revolves around reducing greenhouse gases. Again, this is a little short on real analysis. Human beings are only responsible for 3% of the greenhouse gases produced on our planet. The rest comes from oceans and volcanos. If we were to eliminate every internal combustion engine, every factory, and all hold our breath, that would only be a 3% reduction in output.

The Minimum Wage

The minimum wage increases are classic symbolism over substance. It makes you feel like Gore is out to help the little guy. However, in real practice, people do not get paid more than what they are worth. Simply put, if I have a job that I'm only willing to pay $4 an hour to have done, if you require me to pay $5 an hour, I just won't hire anyone to do it.

The mimimum wage increase does not affect the majority of lower class full-time working adults. What is does do is eliminate jobs that would otherwise be available teenagers and senior citizens. The loss of these jobs puts more kids on the street with nothing to do, and creates more goverment dependency because they are not bringing home any income to help pay the bills. Bad idea.


How on earth can you say that it is not the goverment's responsibility to stop an unborn child from being killed? There is no "freedom of choice" for any other form of murder. If the father of the unborn child kicks the mother and causes the child to die, he is prosecuted for murder as well he should be. He does not have "freedom of choice" to terminate the life of the child. No one should.

Big Government

Gore is a big-government liberal. His plan is to expand the federal government. If there is anything we do not need, it is a larger federal government. The government is forecasted to have a budget surplus. That means that it has collected more money that it needs. Gore can't stand the thought of returning the money back to the people that have been overcharged. Instead, he considers it to be the government's money to be spent on more programs.

The Economy

The Clinton-Gore administration would love to take credit for a good economy. But what policy have they had that has caused it? Increased taxation?


The education system is a state and local level problem. The federal government only contributes about 5% to the typical school system. We would be much better off just to abolish all the beauracracy in the DOE and give all the money directly to the state and local governments.

We heard the same story that Gore is giving us now four years ago. Remember Goals 2000? It was a complete flop. You should immediately know this because Clinton and Gore never mention it. If it had worked, you can be certain that they would be taking credit for it. They had their chance, it is time for a fresh start.

Vote for a smaller government, a strong confident defense, a reasonable environment and education policy. Vote conservative.
Vote W.

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