The Pet Page

We are the caretakers of three very spoiled animals.   Lady is our little German Shepherd.  She was named after the dog in Lady and the Tramp.  She loves to play catch (Don calls it Slobber-ball). She also enjoys watching TV with Don and Barbara.  Lady has a very special dog house.  She has her own big-screen TV, VCR, ceiling fan, fridge, washer, dryer, sofa, giant pillow, all the comforts of home.

Little B is one of our two cats. She is also spoiled beyond hope. As soon as she figures out that Barbara is awake in the morning, she starts meowing like crazy to make sure that we don't somehow forget to feed her. Occasionally, she messes up and wakes Don up prematurely. Big mistake. Then she gets chased through the house until she is finally caught and thrown into the dog house.

Little B is known for her unfriendly disposition. She doesn't like strangers. She was born on Halloween and she acts that way. Don calls her "Leona" (as in Helmsley) because she lives in a life of feline luxury and complains about it constantly. Little B is capable of a fierce growl. Approach with caution!

An then there is Max. Max is proud. Max is big. Max is big and proud. He started out life as a construction worker. I guess he was responsible for rat patrol. Anyway, he was "rescued" from the construction site and wound up in Barbara's possession. Max weighs in at 19 pounds. That is twice the size of a normal cat. Little B is a mackerel tabby, and Max is a mackerel flabby. He has a very serious meow, like he is saying "Hello." 1