Don's Career

We pause here for a word from our sponsor ...

Don Law formerly had the title "Staff Engineer" at Sun Microsystems. Many of you probably do not know what Sun is all about. It is a $9 billion company with over 20,000 employees. We coined the phrase "The network is the computer." Sun computers operate most of the internet. In fact, this site, Geocities, is hosted on Sun servers. A few dozen servers at Geocities handle 240 million hits a day - that's serving up over 160,000 web pages per minute!

Sun is also the caretaker and creator of Java. The nice thing about Java is that it can put a stop to the Microsoft dictorial dominance in the computer field.

Don worked on the A7000 at Sun, which is a low-cost replacement for IBM Mainframe compatible DASD (Direct Access Storage Devices). It is part of the Enterprise Storage Product Family at Sun. A single storage device can be used for mainframe DASD, Unix storage (SCSI or FiberChannel), and NT storage.

In the lab getting tangled in mainframe I/O cables.

Here is a copy of Don's resume.