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How will Y2k affect electric power?

Most of my Y2K research has been working on the important answer to that question.    The power section includes my paper on the topic and some rebuttals I have received.    This is definitely the best part of this website.
Now updated with Appendix A

Year 2000 myths

Common things I hear about Y2K that are not true. This section is a little on the technical side. This is where you can find photos of rail switches with manual overrides.   Updated September 1999

Favorite Gary North Quotes

There are lots of alarmist out there. Scary Gary is one of the best (or worst) at twisting the facts.

What do I think will happen?

Many people ask me this question, so here is my take on the Year 2000 problem.

Links you should know about

Who's in charge here? -- I would recommend reading this 23-page sermon transcript, because it gives an interesting picture of the Y2K doomsayers.
The Steve Hewitt website. -- a new perspective - like a breath of fresh air.

The Spiritual dimension of Y2K

How this is going to affect the church

The Millennium Bug Debugged

A book recommendation that cuts through the hype.

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Researchers have recently discovered that the Y1K problem caused the dark ages. :-)